Common Drug Possession Mistakes

Memphis Drug Possession Mistakes Throughout the past recent years drug possession laws have changed throughout Tennessee, and that change has been even more dramatic on a national level. Marijuana has been legalized in several states, partially legalized in many others and decriminalized in many more, but in Tennessee the possession of a ½ ounce or less on a first offense is still a misdemeanor and requires a minimum $250 fine. Confusion about Tennessee’s drug possession laws and what is best …
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Can You Deny Police Entry to Your Home?

Do the Police have a legal right to enter? Police entering the homes and apartments of Memphis’ residents, especially the city’s college students, has been a growing hot topic. It is not only timely, but important to prudently discuss the state of Tennessee’s laws that detail when police officers have the legal right to enter your home and also provide essential information oriented towards the rights we all have in terms of granting or denying permission to enter. First and …
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What to do if you have a Warrant for your arrest

What do I do if there is a Warrant out for my arrest? Don’t panic. Many people call our office everyday with this very situation. The first thing to remember is a warrant is an allegation, not a conviction. You are presumed innocent and your charge may be dismissed in the end. My goal here is to give you some pointers to navigate the process. A 3 Step Process First, hire an experienced criminal defense attorney. Your attorney can discuss the …
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